1.To promote and develop infrastructure projects within the country or outside in various areas like State and National Highways, Flyovers, Elevated Roads, Toll Roads, Expressways, Road over Road (ROR), airport Runways, Light Rail Transit System(LRTS), Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS), Via Ducts, Metro Railways, Sea Ports, and Airports: power plants, Liquefied Natural Gas and other petro products, construct Transmission Lines, and take over distribution of power, and / or operate power plants, telecommunication systems, software and industrial technology parks, water supply, sewerage and public health scheme, pipeline projects, tunnel. Irrigation schemes and any other projects directly or indirectly associated with infrastructural facilities, on build, own, operate (BOO), build, own and transfer (BOT), build, own, operate, share and transfer (BOOST) or any other similar scheme.

2. To carry on the business of contractors, sub- contractor, for government, semi government bodies, corporations, companies, societies, bodies corporate firms, individuals, schools, clubs, private works and other bodies and to undertake contracts and sub- contracts relating construction, modification, repairing alteration, construction, removal, redesigning, enlarging, improving and designing of civil work, building for whatever use roads, approach roads, streets, circles, squares, parks, gardens, parking places, bridges, dams, water pe courses, reservoirs, tunnels, earth works, sewers and tanks, drains, lighthouses, towers, transmission towers, pipe lines all kinds of underground cables, railway tracks and sidings, airports, shipyards, culverts, channels, all kinds of power projects and any other works and structures.

3. To carry on the business of engineers, builders, contractors of civil, mechanical or structural projects in relation to development of housing and infrastructure projects and to construct, execute, carry out, set up, equip, improve, work, develop, administer, manage or control in India or elsewhere of public or private constructions works.